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The Gamaliel Foundation offers national and regional training events on an annual schedule. Since ACTS is part of the Gamaliel network, ACTS leaders are invited to attend national and regional training events at a reduced cost.

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National Leadership Training:


This seven (7) day residential training event presents the basic concepts and tools needed to be an effective leader.  It affords a person the opportunity to reflect on his/her present and future potential roles in the public arena.  The method is Socratic.  The style is agitational.  Several trainings are offered each year.


Yes, a week away from home is a long time, but you will often find yourself drawing on this powerful experience ~ reaching into your community-organizing tool box ~ as you step out into the public arena in your work with ACTS and beyond.” – Nancy Gwin 



Clergy Training:  


This is an annual three (3) day training program conducted by and  for affiliate faith leaders.  This training includes tools, concepts and methodologies for becoming effective in balancing the demands of their own faith institutions with issues of justice and community concerns.  It also provides a supportive network of clergy experiencing similar challenges.


“The trainers are often tough on you because they see the leadership potential in you and they want to prepare you to deal with the ruthlessness of the public arena.” – Rev. Kevin Agee


Advanced Training:


A three (3) day program offered once annually to 75 top leaders.  This program is designed to challenge  and equip leaders to assume major responsibilities within their organizations.  Advanced training participants return to their  communities equipped to conduct power analyses, cut issues, lead major actions, create a core team, or run a major fund raising  event.


“Training provides a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, examine and challenge self, and interact with outstanding people who are extraordinarily committed to social justice. Attending somewhat reluctantly turned out to be an unexpected gift to myself”  - Ona Cohn Bregman



The word comes from South Africa and means “She who walks with lions and carries her own things.”  This is a  women's leadership training program conducted by and for women.  It is designed to present ideas and concepts for becoming  effective and powerful leaders.  It also provides a support network for women.  The program is designed to help women overcome  the internal and external obstacles faced on the journey to becoming powerful and effective leaders.


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