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In 2019, the Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse, known simply as ACTS, celebrated 20 years of mobilizing communities and persons of faith and conscience in the Syracuse area to improve the quality of life for ALL people.


Although we have gone through a series of incarnations with organization, staff, and volunteer leaders changing over time, our commitment to social justice work has been consistent and persistent.  


Our focus has been to provide a resource for congregation-based community organizing.  We’ve added secular organizations with a passion for advocacy on behalf of and with the disadvantaged in our midst.  


With the theme of “race, poverty & power” we aim to bring the voices of faith & conscience to the public square for social change based on shared justice principles.


We have been involved with substantial progress in health care, criminal justice, public education, community violence, transportation, food access and other important concerns. 


ACTS is primarily an organization of organizations but we have added provisions for individual membership. Our network of congregations spans the religious spectrum.  We work in collaboration with a variety of other community groups sharing our action agenda.


With many involved people from both the city and suburbs, we know that we are better-together in the pursuit of making changes.  Our task forces tackle tough problems in systemic racism and injustice by researching issues and defining effective strategies.  


Whether it is challenging public officials to be accountable or getting into “the weeds” of governmental policies and practices, we will not rest until we see results.  

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