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2017 ACTS Spring Banquet Countdown Series: An Overview

When: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Where: Drumlins Country Club

Address: 800 Nottingham Road, Syracuse, NY

Price for Single Ticket: $65

            Have you ever loved something so much that you want it to become its best, no matter how daunting the obstacles? The 2017 ACTS Spring Banquet, on April 25th from 6-9:00 p.m. at the Drumlins Country Club, is an event where we will come together to display profound love for our Community.


            Our love will be expressed through the ideal of transformation, because genuine compassion means honesty and resolution of issues that need desperate mending in Syracuse so that people of all backgrounds and faiths may enjoy equity, justice, and solidarity. The ACTS Spring Banquet is held annually, with each year representing an opportunity for the social justice community to unite and re-invigorate our drive to fight for positive change.


            This year, we will chronicle the significance of the Banquet and the visionaries it will host in a series of articles leading up to April 25th. In the April 10th edition of our newsletter, we will feature an in-depth interview with the ACTS Banquet Committee to discover the labors behind an unforgettable evening. As for this week, we thought we would give a brief overview of the Spring Banquet as a reminder for social justice veterans, and an introduction for newcomers.


            As with Banquets of past years, the 2017 ACTS Spring Banquet will be catered with an array of delicious food. The atmosphere will be colorful and festive with music and socialization. Celebrated members of the ACTS community will receive awards for their tireless work. Our keynote speaker, President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Joseph’s Health, Kathryn Howe Ruscitto, will inspire us with a message of revitalization and hope for the Syracuse Community through her work within Onondaga County and the Catholic Charities, which as impacted countless people. Finally, people from diverse Syracuse neighborhoods will contemplate issues of race, poverty, and power, while together raising the money needed for the following year.


            Those who attended the 2016 ACTS Spring Banquet will remember what a remarkable night it was. For others who missed it, there are plenty of photos to view above. Our keynote speaker last year, Yusuf Abdul-Qadir, director of the CNY Chapter of NY Civil Liberties Union, highlighted the place of social justice amongst the pressing issues we tackled. Youth Solitary Confinement, the expansion of Pre-K opportunities, and the “Voter Engagement Campaign” were just a few of our undertakings last year. All three will be addressed again this year, along with other pressing matters such as the Consensus Commission and Public Forums for the Mayoral Election.


             Individual tickets are 65 dollars, with group tickets available for the purchase of tables at the banquet. Additionally, one may also purchase sponsorships or ad-spots to promote local businesses and organizations.

To purchase tickets online: 

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            Everyone is welcome to attend this exciting event, and encouraged to bring loved ones, friends, and colleagues. The 2017 ACTS Spring Banquet will be both vital and jubilant, with social justice displayed through the polychromatic personalities of Syracuse. Next week we will offer you another glimpse into the celebration of social justice, when we interview the Banquet Committee, who are simultaneously long-time leaders of ACTS. Stay tuned!

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