Dear Social Justice Leader,


We believe you are concerned with injustices and that you want to make a difference.  ACTS is our local interfaith network actively seeking to address specific concerns, and your ACTS membership has already made your intentions clear.  We are committed to being a moral voice in community issues and decisions; increasing the public power and effectiveness of faith communities and persons of moral courage; developing leaders who speak for themselves and their communities and who believe in working for the common good in partnership with others; dismantling racism, white privilege and white supremacy in ourselves and in the social structures of our community.


ACTS’ diligent work over the past several years has led to significant strides in these areas:


  • Ending solitary confinement of youth in Onondaga County – youth are no longer being housed at the Onondaga County Correctional Facility in Jamesville, NY

  • Food deserts in the city – full service grocery stores have returned to neighborhoods

  • Children eligible but unenrolled in health insurance – 8,000 kids were added to Child Health Plus & Medicaid

  • Pre-Kindergarten classroom opportunities - more slots are being opened for the some 500 unserved city children annually – more than 275 new seats have been opened for 4 year olds

  • Syracuse “Ban the Box ordinance  – Formerly incarcerated people now have a chance to be considered for local jobs

 We work through task forces and coalitions on issues identified by the ACTS network.  Currently, ACTS is working directly in the areas of equity in public education, criminal justice reforms.  ACTS is also playing a significant role in transportation concerns, especially with I-81 debate and a supportive role for addressing community violence and jobs creation.

We are currently re-focusing and considering areas of task force formation. If you would like to become involved in areas such as:

  • Equity in Education

  • Criminal Justice/Policing

  • Moving People Coalition

  • Action research

For more information or to get involved, please e-mail us at

Rev. Eric Jackson                        Rev. Linda Briggs                Barrie Gewanter

ACTS Board President              Lead Organizer                   Operations Manager

Two of our long-standing task forces—Criminal Justice + Community Violence and Youth—have accomplished the goals they set for themselves. As a result, they are being disbanded. We celebrate their hard-won victories. 


Once ACTS’ new issues are identified in the fall of 2019, new task forces will be formed to address those issues.